Greek language CDROM

About Hearing Sound

   To hear sound, you need to have the Real Audio Basic 7 Player.   It can be downloaded from http://www.realaudio.com  without charge.

     If you do not hear sound, that is because the Real Audio screen is behind the screen of your browser
         and Real Audio wants a response from you about an upgrade before it can play the sound.

         Minimize the browser by clicking the - on the upper right corner and you will see the Real Audio screen.
         Click on "Remind me Later", or click on "Options", then "Preferences", then "Upgrade", and then
        click on "Turn off upgrade notification for 30 days" in order to avoid being reminded for the upgrade
        in the next 30 days.  You should now hear the sound.  You can restore your browser by clicking its
        minimized image at the bottom of your screen.

Revised: 1 March 2000
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